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Simple Air Conditioning

We can provide your home or workplace with a simple, non-intrusive air-cooling & heating solution. Perfect all year round for the cold months and those hot summer days & nights.

The Powrmatic Vision range is a twin duct low level PTAC air conditioner & heat pump and removes the need for an outdoor unit. The Vision requires no external condenser, saving you costs on installation and improving the aesthetic appearance of your building. The 162mm twin duct, and a 14mm condensate pipe hole reduces the outdoor impact of air conditioning systems and seamlessly integrates into any exterior building design.

For greater control Powrmatic have introduced WiFi Control which lets you control multiple units from your smartphone device or tablet via your local WiFi network, ideal for temperature control across larger sites.

The easy to use app displays current temperature settings and allows the user to change temperature, fan speed, and air flow direction from anywhere at a touch of a button. In applications such as hotel buildings, the reception desk can activate, control, and deactivate each unit in every room depending on the occupancy. They can warm up or cool down the room before hotel guests arrive, and ensure the units are switched off when the room is unoccupied saving valuable energy consumption.

The Vision 2.3 DC inverter model has a impressive 27dB(A) and with a depth of just 17cm, the Vision is by far the slimmest unit in this category of product. Additionally there is also an optional low pressure hot water fan coil model available making it the perfect replacement for new and existing radiator systems.

Simple & Easy Installation

The condenser-less designs makes for very straight forward installation. Requiring only two 162mm diameter duct holes and a 14mm condensate drain hole for installation. The unit comes with a paper template which allows the installer to quickly and efficiently mount the unit. Also it requires no f-Gas certificate to install which reduces installation costs. Everything can be accessed from the front of the unit allowing for ease of servicing all year round.

“Easy to book an engineer for a convenient appointment.”
- Customer in Hampton
Local Plumbing Shop
“Easy to book an engineer for a convenient appointment.”
- Customer in Hampton