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Local BWT Water Softener Installers

Providing luxury water for your property in the local area.

BWT water softeners direct your water through a specially designed resin filtering out the calcium and magnesium ions which cause limescale.

BWT softeners detect when this resin is saturated and then flushes away the built up calcium, making sure the resin is recharged ready to continue filtering the flow of water.

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How BWT softeners can work for you

BWT softeners have various models with different control systems enabling lower operating costs.

Time clock

Cheapest system to buy, but more expensive to run as the resin is regenerated every couple of days, regardless of how much water is used.


By measuring how much water is being used, the softener decideds when to regenerate the resin. This usuyally happens during the night while you sleep.

Metered with proportional regeneration

Lowering the opperating costs further, this type of system measures how much water is being used and how much resin needs to be regenerated.

Designed around your lifestyle

BWT design their products to suit UK homes. The WS range is small with a compact design and is usually straight forward to install in your home, with minimal disruption.

A great addition to your home, especially in Twickenham, Kingston, Molesey and the local hard water area. For further peace of mind BWT softeners come with a 5 years parts warranty as standard.

If you would like to discuss the installation of a BWT softener, contact our team for more information and a quotation.

“Very good service, all staff very helpful and polite.”
- Customer in Kingston
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“Very good service, all staff very helpful and polite.”
- Customer in Kingston