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Large Domestic

Many large domestic premises require commercial heating engineers to service, repair and install their boilers, hot water storage vessels and central heating. Central heating systems within a property where the heat load (demand) exceeds 70 kilowatts require a commercially qualified gas engineer to work on any boilers that have a heating output of greater than 70kw.

We provide central heating and gas services for a number of large domestic dwellings locally with heat loads varying from 40kw to 300kw or multi occupancy properties with communal heating with larger heating demand.

We are experienced in working with and our engineers have been trained by many commercial boiler manufacturers including market leading brands Hoval, Buderus, Worcester Bosch, Ideal commercial, Keston and many more.

Large domestic dwellings often also require advanced central heating and hot water system controls for multiple heating zones and where multiple hot water outlets where there is frequent multiple demands. We can separate zones using controls specifically designed large houses including up to date smart control systems.

Whilst we would consider that most 6 + bedroom premises would operate satisfactorily using a stand domestic boiler, extra consideration is recommended when designing or improving systems and/or replacing boilers in homes of this size or larger, to ensure maximum comfort, efficiency and performance.

Typically we would classify any property with a fleet of more than 20 radiators or 6 bedrooms as large domestic or light commercial or for even larger properties with 35 + radiators or more than 10 bedrooms they are likely to fall under the industry clarification of ‘commercial’, owing to the volume of gas required to provide heating and hot water services.

Our team of engineers are fully qualified to service, repair and replace boilers and central heating systems in all sizes of domestic dwellings. For a free quotation or advice on an upcoming project or repair, do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.

“No Problems, highly recommend.”
- Customer in Twickenham
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“No Problems, highly recommend.”
- Customer in Twickenham