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Blocked drains can have some very unpleasant consequences including overflowing drains, backed up sinks, showers and toilets, and of course the smell throughout your property.

We understand that these are issues that need to be addressed quickly and efficiently which is why our engineers are well trained and equipped to deal with a wide range of common blockages and damage to drains.

Internal wastes and traps

Quiet often slow draining baths, basins, sinks or showers can be a symptom of an underlying issue with the waste or drainage pipework installation of condition. Grease, hair, soap all often collect to form solids inside internal waste pipework creating partial or full blockages of wastewater outlets. We know where to look, how to treat and how to help you to avoid future problems. If the symptom relates to a more widespread or deep-rooted issue with waste or drainage pipework, we have the expertise and equipment to tackle this too.


The majority of drain and manhole blockages can be cleared using drain rods. Our engineers are equipped with robust, extendable rods and adapters suitable for dislodging different types of waste mater that may find its way into your drainage system. Where more substantial blockage occur additional equipment made need to be deployed, to get the drains flowing freely again.

Drain Jetting

We are equipped with jetting machines to help clear and clean your drains. We use flexible hoses which reach down the drain to where any blockage has occurred and use high pressured water to force the blockage clear. Jetting machines are a very effective tool in clearing even the most stubborn of blockages.

Drain jetting can also be deployed as periodic cleaning of drains, which significantly reduces the prospect of blockages by clearing debris, adhering deposits or low viscosity materials. Periodic cleaning with a jetting machine and/or chemical drain cleaning treatment offers peace of mind by preventing the build-up of contributory blockage elements.


If you have ongoing issues with your drains we offer a CCTV survey which can peer down your drains and identify what the issue may be. Our drainage engineers will be able to identify where the issue lies and the cause.

We are equipped with jetting machines and drainage rods, however, if the problem is an undetected collapsed drain or tree root our CCTV will be needed to identify or confirm this. We will ascertain the location and severity of the problem and allow us to provide an accurate estimate to remedy so that we can get to work on a value for money solution.

Waste pipe and guttering

In addition to drainage works, we also undertake, drain replacement, wastewater, rainwater pipework, plumbing and guttering. New internal wastes for sinks, washing machines, dishwashers, water softeners are all regularly undertaken as either additions to existing waste water and drainage system or as brand new installations of drainage and waste carcasses. Planned preventative maintenance contracts for drain or gutter clearing are available for both domestic and commercial customers.

“Very good service, all staff very helpful and polite.”
- Customer in Kingston
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“Very good service, all staff very helpful and polite.”
- Customer in Kingston