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Looking for a new boiler?

If you are thinking about changing your boiler or upgrading your central heating system and central heating controls you won't be disappointed with our proposal and with great finance packages available to suit most budgets you can have your new boiler installed quickly, affordably and reliably.

Whether it is an urgent necessity for a one bedroom flat or planning the most efficient system for the large domestic or commercial premises, we will offer the best value for money proposal. We will listen to all of your requirements and quote you for the supply and installation of your new system, boiler or advise if your existing boiler still has plenty of life in it.

Our gas safe registered engineers are experienced in managing heating projects and installations, from a small combi boiler installation right up to a complete central heating overhaul in the largest of domestic premises using a conventional boiler or system boiler with smart controls.

When starting your search for a new boiler it is recommended that you consider the following.

Do I really need a new boiler?

If your existing boiler is performing well and has been cost efficient in terms of maintenance, unless it is expensive to run, there may not really be a need to change it until it becomes, less efficient or becomes unreliable. It is also worth noting that efficiency can also be increased by upgrading your central heating controls as well as replacing your boiler. Although it has been recommended by industry professionals and building regulations for many years that efficient central heating controls are installed in homes, not all homes have had them installed and many homeowners remain unaware of the potential benefits.

What are these upgrades?

Without going into too much jargon these upgrades could include improved time and temperature control on both heating and hot water systems. Having parts of your home independently controlled or individual rooms radiators with their own thermostat. Even intelligent controls that monitor external temperatures and adjust the heating accordingly.

How old is my current boiler?

The life expectancy of a gas boiler is about 15 years, however there are other things to consider that could increase or decrease the life expectancy of your boiler.

Has my boiler been regularly serviced?

The life expectancy of 15 years assumes that the boiler has been serviced annually, if it has been serviced less often or not at all, you would expect the life expectancy to decrease.

How often is it used?

If you live on your own and you travel a lot, your boiler could have been idle for long periods, there is naturally going to be less wear and tear on boilers which are not in constant use. There is another side to this coin in that if a boiler is not used moving parts, have the potential to seize, so it is all the more important to have an annual service. However if you live in a large family home your boiler will be working harder for longer periods. Naturally you would expect that the extra use to have an effect on your boilers life expectancy.

A good indication that your boiler is nearing the end of its life expectancy is when repair visits become more frequent regardless of its actual age. However our engineers will always give an honest appraisal of your boilers condition, safety and expected longevity.

It is worth noting that if your boiler is over 15 years old, replacement parts can become increasingly difficult to source. Replacement parts are generally available for between 15 and 22 years after the end of production of a particular model. At the 15 year point they may become more difficult to source and after 22 years it should not come as a surprise if parts for your boiler are now obsolete, leaving you no option but to replace it.

Once you have ascertained that replacement is the most sensible option for you, comes the question, which boiler do you choose and where to put it?

If you are on a budget, or you have time pressure because your existing boiler has stopped working or been condemned, the simplest and most cost efficient boiler to install will be one that is similar to what you currently have.

Dependent on the type of system you have and your requirements now and going forward, we can advise on what options are available to best meet your requirements. It maybe that you are planning a loft extension or other changes to you home for which may mean that your current boiler and heating system may no longer be suitable for your home or your family’s requirements. In these cases, again we will advise what best meets your needs whilst giving value for money, efficiency and ease of control.

The other main impact on cost of installation is relocating a boiler. Although it may free up space, where desired, it will add considerable cost to the installation. Occasionally it may be necessary to relocate a boiler due to changes in regulations, but for most, unless the benefit outweighs the cost it is recommended that new boilers are installed in the immediate vicinity of the old appliance.

“Honesty is their most important asset.”
- Customer in Twickenham

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“Honesty is their most important asset.”
- Customer in Twickenham

Over 900 reviews on

Checkatrade Recommended Local Plumber