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Limescale Solutions

Limescale damage of plumbing pipework, cylinders and tarnishing of glass shower enclosures, taps and sinks can prove costly and time consuming to repair or clean. As is the case with many problems, prevention is better than cure.

Whilst limescale appearing in our bathrooms, on taps, showers and surfaces is irritating, it is the impact on the efficiency of boilers, showers, hot water tanks, washing machines, irons, and taps is more significant. Left untreated, limescale increases the cost of daily living through increased use of energy and of course the premature failure of appliances and hot water systems.

Installing the right system protection or water treatment for your home can save on repairs and hours of cleaning. We are familiar with many of the issues that can arise as result scale and we have a number of solutions for your home or business, from water conditioners or water softeners to scale inhibitors we will advise on most suitable product to suit your property and budget.

We are experienced in providing scale reduction products, including basic single appliance protection for boilers or washing machines to full house water softeners or water conditioners. The most commonly installed scale prevention products that we install are listed below. However if you enjoy cleaning we recommend using white vinegar and / or lemon juice to get your shower screens or taps sparkling again.

Scalemaster Scale Inhibitors

Many recognised plumbing brands offer their own version of a scale reducers suitable for single appliances or whole buildings. Limescale Inhibitors generally work by affecting the chemistry of the precipitation reaction: suppressing lime-scale formation, reducing the rate of scaling and/or altering the form of the scale or the chemistry of the precipitation mechanism itself. Different types of products are suited to particular water-heating applications. There are generally three types of scale reducers:


Scalemaster Magnetic Water Softener

Magnetic Limescale Inhibitors prevent limescale build-up by influencing the type (crystal structure) of the limescale precipitated. Laboratory research has shown that the growth of limescale crystals is affected by the application of the magnetic field causing more ‘needle-like’ aragonite crystals to be formed (which find it harder to stick to heat-exchange surfaces) than the normal calcite (which forms harder surface deposits). Marketing leading brand Scalemaster® suggest that the magnetic scale inhibitors are best for individual appliances.


Scalemaster Electrolytic Water Softener

Electrolytic Limescale Inhibitors prevent limescale build-up by adding a small trace of zinc to the water. This has the effect of suppressing limescale formation by bonding to the dissolved calcium ions which then require more energy for precipitation. Any micro-crystals which do form provide nucleation sites (seed crystals) where general bulk precipitation occurs. Limesale crystals which form are then washed away by the water flow rather than adhering to heat-exchange surfaces.

Laboratory research has shown a relationship between the amount of zinc dissolved and the reduction in limescale precipitation achieved. Scalemaster® Electrolytic Limescale Inhibitors incorporate patented technology to boost the supply of zinc. In independent tests, application of the electrolytic technology typically extends boiler life by 50% in hardwater areas by preventing limescale precipitation. Scalemaster® Electrolytic Limescale Inhibitors are suitable for treatment of the whole house and individual appliances (especially showers).


Scalemaster Digsonic Water Softener

Digisonic Limescale Inhibitors prevent limescale build-up by causing dissolved hardness salts to cluster together to form nucleation sites for limescale precipitation. Laboratory research has shown that electrical signals applied to the pipework enhance the formation of nucleation sites for the growth of limescale crystals. Limescale crystals which are form are then washed away by the water flow rather than adhering to heat-exchange surfaces. Scalemaster® Digisonic Limescale Inhibitors are suitable for treatment of the whole house including stored hot water applications.

Aquabion Water Conditioner

Aquabion Water Softener

The Aquabion water conditioner is a genuine alternative to a water softener. There are models available for small domestic dwellings and models for large commercial applications.

Aquabion have an international track record with their products not just used by householders – but by test labs and large industrial factories for preventing hard water (limescale) damage.

The Aquabion system is based on patented technology proven to help reduce limescale build up. It needs no electricity, no salt and has no moving parts.

Water that has been treated by the in-line Aquabion water conditioners is perfectly drinkable and still includes all the essential minerals that occur naturally.

The Aquabion water conditioner is guaranteed to reduce limescale build-up for 5 years.

Dualflo Water Softeners

Duaflo Water Softener

The Dualflo range of domestic water softeners represents the very latest in water softening technology. Fully WRAS approved these softeners are designed and manufactured in the UK for British homes. Featuring highly accurate displacement water meters, non-electric technology, twin cylinder capacity and high flow rates, suitable for both vented and unvented systems. Coupled with a very compact design (will fit in a standard kitchen cupboard), and the convenience of block salt on the standard model and high quality full-bore fitting kits.

  • Cheaper to run than electric machines
  • No requirement for an electrical outlet near the softener
  • No complicated timers/programmers to set up or monitor
  • Quiet in operation Suitable for flow rates of up to between 50 and 80 litres per minute
  • Suitable for vented or unvented systems
  • Suitable for 1 to 4 bathrooms
  • Never run out of softened water
  • Up to 50% less salt usage

BWT Water Softeners

Our team of engineers have installed many BWT water softeners accross the local area. These systems are designed to operate efficiently in your home while providing high quality water.

Take a look at our BWT Water Softener page for information on how these devices work and how they could suit your home.

“Very good service, all staff very helpful and polite.”
- Customer in Kingston

Over 900 reviews on

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“Very good service, all staff very helpful and polite.”
- Customer in Kingston

Over 900 reviews on

Checkatrade Recommended Local Plumber