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About Vokèra

More than one and a half million Vokèra boilers and heating products have brought warmth and comfort to customers across the UK & Ireland.

Vokèra is an industry leader in quality home heating solutions, offering a comprehensive product range for domestic home heating and light commercial applications.

Vokèra’s heating products include; high efficiency condensing combi boilers, system boilers, open vent boilers plus water heaters and unvented cylinders alongside a vast commercial range.

Vokèra products have quality built in as standard and have been designed for ease of installation and commissioning, ease of operation and a lifetime reliability.

Vokèra Boilers

All Vokèra boilers are condensing, or high efficiency, boilers as it is also known which maximise the heat the boiler generates by recovering some of the lost energy, which would normally be lost through the flue.

A condensing boiler can on average save you 30% of your energy usage. Legislation that came into force in 2005 now requires that any new domestic gas appliance is a condensing boiler.

If you are not sure which boiler is best for your property check out our boiler guide.

Combi Boilers

A combi boiler, also known as a combination boiler, provides heat for central heating and domestic hot water upon demand. With a combi boiler heating system you do not require feed and expansion tanks in your loft space or a hot water storage cylinder, therefore saving space.

Domestic hot water is fed from the mains supply which maintains high water pressure and is heated instantly. However if you live in a low water pressure area, or have multiple bathrooms, a combi boiler may not be suitable. We always advise that you seek advice from your Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Ideal if you want to:

  • Replace an existing combi boiler and are happy with the performance your combi provides
  • Utilise your loft space/airing cupboard for another purpose and want to remove the tanks and hot water storage cylinder
  • Have instant hot water on demand
  • Save space

System Boilers

A system boiler is a boiler that is installed on a sealed central heating system, as the word suggests it is not open to atmospheric pressure and the system is kept with a closed circuit.

In this type of heating system, a system boiler connects to a storage cylinder that provides the domestic hot water. As the heating system is sealed it requires no tank in the loft space. When coupled with a mains pressure hot water storage cylinder (known as an unvented cylinder), it is well suited to properties with multiple bathrooms. In this configuration, good flow rates can be maintained if more than one domestic hot water outlet is in use at the same time.

Ideal if:

  • You have more than one bathroom in your property
  • Your mains water pressure is low
  • You have a regular boiler and you want to remove the feed and expansion tanks in your loft space.

Open Vent Boilers

An open vent boiler is a boiler that is installed on an open vent central heating system, the term open vent, relates to the heating system being open to atmospheric pressure, as major components to the open vent system includes feed and expansion tanks in the loft space. An open vent boiler heats the radiators and, via a storage cylinder, the domestic hot water.

An open vent boiler is also known as a conventional or regular boiler. If you currently have an open vent boiler in your property, it can be more straightforward to have a direct replacement, unless your property or demand has changed.

Ideal if:

  • You have more than one bathroom in your property
  • Your mains water pressure is low

Vokèra Controls

Vokèra controls complement their boilers. Controls are a simple way to maximise product efficiency and give you control over your heating system. The latest controls pay particular attention to energy management, and some of Vokèra controls are the most advanced in technology.

With a range of controls including the simple to use RF room thermostat control and 7 day programmable room thermostat Vokera have also launched their smart control range:

Vokèra BeSmart

Whether you're off on holiday, out shopping or just working late, you can BeSMART and manage yiour home's heating remotrly. BeSMART gives yiuy complete control of your home environment via the handy app on your smartphone or tablet.

Specifically engineered to compliment the Vokera range, whilst maintaining compatibility with the majority or residential boilers. It is the ideal replacement for older termostats.

With BeSmart you can manage up to 8 different heating zones from wherever you are in the world and you can programme up to 3 comfort levels to suit your mood or you pocket.

Vokera BeSmart
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