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Do You Need A New Boiler In Richmond?

Are you thinking of having a new boiler installed at your property in Richmond? In terms of long-term investments, there are few more important than a boiler.

If you have a boiler older than a decade, it’s highly recommended you invest in a newer model. As the heart of any home, boilers account for over 50% of your energy bills. The older a boiler is the less efficient it tends to be.

In extreme cases, replacing a G-rated boiler with an A-rated model could improve efficiency by 90%. Newer boilers are also more environmentally friendly, since replacing a G-rated boiler with an A-rated one saves around 1,500kg of carbon dioxide a year.

The type of boiler you choose for your property in Richmond will depend upon how many factors, including how many people use your hot water system and how many radiators you’ll be heating.

Your Local Plumbing Company offer highly competitive prices for anybody having a new boiler installed in Richmond or the surrounding locations. With our highly transparent prices, you’ll never have to worry about any hidden charges.

For a free quote on our boilers, simply call 020 8090 0778.

Alternatively, you can always have a FREE estimate for your boiler on our website.

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