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Are you worried about a leak in your property in Hampton?

Water leaks are capable of doing serious damage to property and if large enough can render a property uninhabitable.

Water leaks are of two kinds, those which come from pressurized pipes or radiators and those that come from everything else.

Water leaks from central heating pipes and radiators are normally limited in extent unless you have a feed and expansion tank in the loft, most modern heating systems do not have a tank.

For most people in the Hampton area leaks on ageing central heating systems are noticed to be from a radiator, leaks on radiators can normally be contained by turning the radiator off at both ends and putting a baking tray under the radiator to catch the water.

Leaks from heating pipes are also normally limited in extent and a tray can be placed under the leaking pipe or joint until a permanent repair is made.

Leaks from mains water pipes vary from a small drip to a major flood, it is important to know where your stop tap (stop cock) is located. It is also a good idea to check that it works, it's not only useful to find out where your stop cock is but also if you are unable to turn it off because it too stiff, or difficult to reach.

We offer stop cock servicing in Hampton and systems that allow you to turn the water off and on at the flick switch, and this can be really handy if the water mains are in a tight spot.

Leaks from drains and wastes can go undetected but have a nasty tendency to cause timber to rot, or ceilings to become stained.

Leaks from drains and wastes are sometimes in difficult positions or access can be a problem. We always try to minimize damage to surfaces and if practical create an access hatch so that the repair does not require a new ceiling and any future maintenance access is provided.

In properties in Hampton we have used thermal imaging techniques to find leaks under floors or in concrete and masonry structures. This enables us to save time and minimize damage and saves you our customers from unnecessary expense both to fix a leak and to make good to the surrounding building after access has been achieved.

Some of our customers have unattended properties or have particular concerns to protect computers or other electronic equipment from water damage. We offer leak detection systems that can be linked to an automatic isolation valve and text alert features. You can be sent a text directly to your phone when a leak has happened and have the assurance that the water has been turned off. Yes you might have a leak but it will be a small leak and unlikely to do much damage.

Some times we need to investigate leaks that are out of sight behind panels and we need to see where the water is coming out before we start to break into walls, floors or ceilings. We have long reach endoscopes that enable us to trace pipe runs with very little disruption to finished surfaces. If the precise position of a leak can be identified the disturbance to gain access to fix the leak is also reduced to a minimum.

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