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Signs You Need A Boiler Replacement In Teddington

Need to replace your boiler in Teddington before winter?

Although boilers don’t come with an expiration date, there comes a time when it wears out and stops working properly. So, what are signs that you need a boiler replacement in Teddington?

Firstly, if your boiler isn’t an A-grade model the chances are it isn’t as efficient as most modern boilers. An A-rated boiler is one that has an energy efficiency rating of 90% or more and replacing a G-rated boiler with one of the latest models could save you around £300 a year.

If your energy bills keep getting higher, it might well because you have an old boiler.

Secondly, if you’re constantly having breakdowns, that’s a sure fire sign you need a replacement! The money you spent on replacement parts could be better spent on a new boiler, and you might even find that replacement components are difficult to find and been discontinued.

Lastly, if it simply doesn’t do its job properly, a new boiler could make all the difference. If your house is never quite warm enough, there’s no need to suffer in silence.

Your Local Plumbing Company is ideal for anybody who need a boiler replacement and can install a brand-new A-rated boiler at your home or business in Teddington. We offer highly competitive payment plans for anybody purchasing a new boiler.

Why not get an online boiler quote today?

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